[ A stomping hobo cart steaming the dark & dangerous railroads ]

[ About the band ]

From the dark heart of Shropshire come The Black Rapids. With songs of fear and loathing, fat politicians and the news of the world.

The Black Rapids write music immersed in a timeless practice but their songs are laced with lyrical twists that narrate the darker side of modern life. This creative band of musicians take twists and turns at every corner, taking the listener on a meandering journey of joy and then despair.

The Rapids deliver music that has feet in the Rockabilly/Rootsy/Americana camp but is as current as their subject matter. This is no more apparent than in the song Silicon Kid which depicts the story of a youth who sits at home playing video games but his physical being is that of an old age pensioner. The Rapids irony is beautifully crafted but it is not sugar coated; it is dangerously addictive.

The band’s backbone comprises of hypnotic train-rolling rhythms and pounding double bass, embellished with infectious hillbilly banjo and furnace-fired electric guitar. Sitting on this, the vocal roars like a vintage Norton bike, classic components with a 21st century brand.

Dan & Sam of the Rapids:
“It would be predictable to write that this music is born from the ‘rockin bones’ of the fifties and sixties, but the reality is more that The Black Rapids are like a stomping hobo cart steaming the dark and dangerous railroads.”

Hokum it is not; spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking it is, The Black Rapids are here for our entertainment and edification.

The band are currently recording their debut album for release in late summer 2015.

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